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Senior Telephone Personals

The personals message system at Senior Phone Personals enables you to record a personal message for others to hear while you are on the line. Before recording, relax and get comfortable. Create a message that describes you, your interests, the kinds of people you like and what turns you off and anything else that comes to mind. Some well-placed humor can also go a long way in getting people interested. Most importantly, plan your message carefully. Jot down what you want to say because a carefully worded and planned message goes over much better than a message that is not focused. Try to say something that reveals something about who you are. And try to sound comfortable with yourself, because when you do, others will react positively.

While listening to other people’s personals, take note which messages are effective and why. And also notice which messages are not effective, and why. If you hear one that sounds interesting, why not contact the person for a live chat? Senior Phone Personals are like a screening system on Senior Phone Chat, so use them to your advantage. You will get more effective use from your chatting, and meet more people who you get along with, if you use the personals to your advantage.

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